Critical Questions to Ask a Rideshare Injury Lawyer

The personal injury field has evolved over the last few decades courtesy of the dynamic nature of law. One area that has emerged due to such dynamism is rideshare personal injury. Ridesharing refers to a service where consumers in need of a ride contact a freelance driver contracted by a ridesharing company. When you are involved in an accident as a driver or passenger while ridesharing, seeking a claim for injuries sustained can be tricky. The reason is that ridesharing laws are somewhat blurry, and only a personal injury lawyer well versed in the statutes can help you navigate the murky field. Most importantly, ask a rideshare injury lawyer the following questions before hiring them.  

What Conditions Are Necessary to File a Claim? -- An experienced rideshare injury lawyer knows that a service provider is not obligated to compensate a passenger just because they were injured while ridesharing. Ridesharing personal injuries must meet specific conditions for the involved company's insurance to come in. For instance, when a passenger is injured while in a ridesharing cab, the company has no option but to use its commercial liability coverage to settle personal injury claims. However, you do not receive any compensation from a rideshare company if the driver was not logged onto the application at the time of an accident. Luckily, a rideshare injury lawyer can still contact a driver's car insurance to cover your claims.

Should You Talk to a Rideshare Company's Insurer? -- All rideshare injury lawyers know that rideshare companies try to contact accident victims at some point. However, it is vital to resist all forms of interviews without your rideshare lawyer being present. It helps avoid the risk of divulging information that a rideshare company might use against you. Notably, rideshare personal injury lawyers encourage victims to hold their cards close to their chests. The strategy could be the difference between recovering fully or being left with a disability.

What Happens When Multiple Victims Are Involved? -- Rideshare cabs can accommodate several passengers. Therefore, it can be challenging to navigate the compensation claim process when an accident occurs. Some people think that passengers share claims equally, but it is not the case. A rideshare injury lawyer who understands the law will suggest compensation value in line with injuries sustained. The reason is that passengers in a ridesharing cab often sustain varying degrees of injuries; hence, compensation for each can never be equal.

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