4 Essential Tips for Avoiding a Drink Driving Charge

Drink driving charges can be serious. You may incur penalties, lose your license or even face jail time. Luckily, it's relatively easy to avoid a drink driving charge. Take a look at these tips. 1. Know the Law To avoid getting caught for a crime, it's important to understand the crime itself. In Australia, it's illegal to have a blood alcohol count that exceeds 0.05. If you are a minor, your blood alcohol level can't exceed 0.

3 Things You Need To Know About Division Of Marital Property In A Divorce Settlement

After separation and divorce, you and your ex-spouse will have to a lot of decisions to make, and the process is oftentimes lengthy, especially when legal procedures are involved. One major thing you will think about is how to divide your property. Property is central to any divorce settlement and is usually a way for you to break any financial ties with your ex-spouse. One of the most significant assets or properties you and your ex-spouse will have to think about in your property settlement agreement is your family home.

What You Should Always Remember if You're Unfortunate Enough to Be Arrested

Most people consider themselves to be upright and outstanding individuals, contributory members of Australian society. Yet sometimes the unexpected and inexplicable can happen, and they may be arrested by an officer of the law on suspicion of having committed an offence. For many, this can be overwhelming, especially if they maintain their innocence. If this is you, don''t panic, and remember that you have specific rights under the legal system here.

3 Tips to Help You Do Your Job as an Estate Executor

Being an estate executor can be challenging and stressful, especially if you're dealing with a large estate or there are many beneficiaries. Until the estate is successful distributed to beneficiaries, you are the sole representative of the deceased's wishes and are legally obligated to maintain and protect the estate. 1. Act in good faith Because often executors are people trusted by the deceased, provided you act in good faith, you won't be liable in case of  mishaps like decrease in asset value.

Three Red Flags Pointing Towards Your Spouse Hiding Assets in Divorce

Even in a hotly contested divorce, few spouses would prefer to believe that their spouse is hiding assets from them in order to affect the aftermath of property division, or a spousal or child support ruling. Sadly, however, hiding of assets during divorce is a common occurrence among divorcing parties. Thus, it's crucial for divorcing spouses to be wary of the following potential red flags that a spouse may be potentially hiding assets.