3 Often Overlooked Qualities When Searching For Family Law Solicitors

Because of the nature of family law cases, having the professional skill set and experience is certainly not the only thing to consider when choosing family law solicitors. Professional competencies aside, certain personality traits are what set apart great solicitors from a lot of good family law solicitors.

That said, here is a look at a few of these traits that make a world of difference:

1.    A People's Person

How good are your solicitor's people skills? From being a good listener to showing genuine empathy, family law solicitors need to be able to connect with their clients. Yes, they have no doubt heard your story, with little variation, from other clients, but a great solicitor will have the genuine interest and patience to listen to your own unique tale.

Additionally, how well your solicitor relates with the counsel representing other parties in your family law case may very well be the reason that your case ends up in court. Always go for family law solicitors who are for non-confrontational and corroborative solutions such as mediation.

2.    Professional Objectivity

As mentioned, family law solicitors who can empathise with you are always a great fit. However, they shouldn't get too attached to your case that they lose all sense of objectivity. Even if, for example, the circumstances of your divorce or custody case mirror much of what they themselves may have gone through, they should be able to remain objective always.

3.    Patience, Patience and More Patience

Family law cases can be quite emotive for all parties involved. Because of emotions running high, outbursts and endless ranting are fairly common with such cases. If you are one given to such outbursts, then you need an attorney with the patience for it. Great family law solicitors know how to work through those emotionally tumultuous times when, as a client, you come too close to the edge. Having to deal with these outbursts is not easy, and rest assured that not every lawyer will put up with it.

Getting It Right

Knowing what makes great family law solicitors is the easy part. How do you ensure that you pick the solicitor with these desirable traits?

You cannot exactly ask about whether or not a prospective solicitor is empathetic during your initial consultation. If you do, rest assured that you will get the answer that you want to hear. What you can do, however, is rely on testimonials from others who have worked with the solicitor before. Keep these traits in mind when searching for a family law solicitor to handle your case.