What Can a Public Notary Do for You?

A public notary is an official appointed by the state who can perform various legal services for the public, including witnessing and authenticating documents. In Australia, a public notary is legally recognised and has the authority to certify documents and administer oaths. But what specific tasks can you expect from this type of official?

Authentication of Documents

A notary can help you authenticate important documents such as agreements, contracts, wills, powers of attorney and affidavits. With their signature and official seal of office, they will be able to verify that these documents are genuine and legally valid.

Administration of Oaths

Public notaries also have the power to administer oaths or affirmations on affidavits that may be required in court proceedings or other legal matters. This means they are authorised to witness an individual swearing an oath on an affidavit or making a statement of truthfulness under penalty of perjury. As the document is being signed, it must be done in the presence of a public notary who will witness the event on behalf of the state.

Witnessing Signatures

Notaries are also there to witness signatures on important documents, such as contracts or agreements, which need verification before they become legally binding. Additionally, when someone needs to sign a document but cannot physically attend due to illness or geographical location, they can arrange for someone else to sign it instead, with their recorded permission. This process is known as "signing by proxy" and is perfectly valid as long as it is witnessed by the notary.

Other Services

A notary can also perform some more specialised services. For example, they can attach their signature to prove an original set of documents for a company, such as certificates of incorporation and articles of association. They may also help certify documents as original articles if you have to prove that this is the case before entering into a foreign transaction. Many banks or government offices abroad will only accept such documents if they have been verified by a notary in the host country.

Working with a Notary

As you can see, there are many essential roles that a public notary can play when it comes to verifying important documents and witnessing signatures. Having your important paperwork looked over by an experienced professional can provide peace of mind knowing that everything has been taken care of properly according to the law.

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