3 Often Overlooked Qualities When Searching For Family Law Solicitors

Because of the nature of family law cases, having the professional skill set and experience is certainly not the only thing to consider when choosing family law solicitors. Professional competencies aside, certain personality traits are what set apart great solicitors from a lot of good family law solicitors. That said, here is a look at a few of these traits that make a world of difference: 1.    A People's Person

3 Things You Need To Know About Division Of Marital Property In A Divorce Settlement

After separation and divorce, you and your ex-spouse will have to a lot of decisions to make, and the process is oftentimes lengthy, especially when legal procedures are involved. One major thing you will think about is how to divide your property. Property is central to any divorce settlement and is usually a way for you to break any financial ties with your ex-spouse. One of the most significant assets or properties you and your ex-spouse will have to think about in your property settlement agreement is your family home.