Estate Planning: 3 Ways to Avoid Estate Litigation

No one looks forward to the rise of a dispute between their loved ones over an estate. However, if you don't draft your estate plan correctly, it can result in disagreements concerning who will inherit what portion of your estate once you are gone. In such an instance, the court can make a ruling that does not favour your wishes as pertains to the will. To avoid this, it is critical to ensure you plan your estate as clearly as possible to prevent beneficiaries or other interested parties from going into litigation.

Workers Compensation: 3 Things You Must Do In Time

The success or failure of a workers' compensation claim partly depends on how well a claimant adheres to the time restrictions associated with the process. This article discusses some of the tasks that you should perform promptly to avoid unnecessary hurdles to your claim. Employer Notification All jurisdictions have time limits regarding how soon a worker must alert his or her employer when an injury or illness develops due to work done by the affected individual.

Why Parents Should Take Legal Advice Before Considering Surrogacy

It can come as a considerable shock to learn that, as a couple, you're not able to conceive a baby naturally. It's unfortunate that some married couples find themselves in this situation, but there's always the option to consider a surrogate instead. Before moving ahead, it's crucial to understand how the law works so that everything proceeds carefully and there are no more shocks in the future. What do you need to be aware of?

When Evidence Against You Can Be Suppressed

Are you worried that you are going to be convicted based on evidence that was not obtained in accordance with the law? Below are some of the grounds that a criminal lawyer can use to ensure that such evidence is suppressed when you are arraigned in court. Chain of Custody Issues The evidence against you can be suppressed if there is proof that it was handled incorrectly and someone could have tampered with it.

Why You Need to Be Very Careful before Buying a Dog As a Gift

Gift-giving season is never far away and when it arrives, people with the best of intentions often consider giving a four-legged present to somebody close. They're certain that the recipient will give the dog a loving and caring home and they think that such a gift is a lot "cooler" than something inanimate. Yet if you're thinking about this, where are you going to get the animal from and what do you need to consider, so that you make the most ethical choice?